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5 Most Lopsided Trades in NBA History

How the LA Lakers can Become Title Contenders Again. 

Although the Los Angeles Lakers have lingered in free agency the last two, years, lost a great player, Nash to retirement and missed out on the playoffs, the franchise could have a shot at the 2017 NBA championship. Sure it does seem farfetched but here are some things you don’t realize about the team’s unproven roster.
Building a super team
On top of the over 30 million dollar funds that the team will have, it has assets in the form of a player option. These are:
• Larry Nance
• D’Angelo Russell
• Julius Randle
The Lakers have an impressive record on youth policy and nurturing. Should their record suffice, they could get a chance at the NBA Lottery yet again in 2017. They have a brand-new coach who is young and shrewd. The Lakers therefore still have favorable chances of winning a top five pick. With the pick, they could select a top level player and increase their young player campaign. They could also trade their pick for a much-needed veteran to replace the injury prone aged Kobe Bryant.
Building the next winning dynasty for the Lakers will not need the team to have any particular assets that they do not have. It will only require the management to correctly configure the immense talent already in their roster with the funds that it has to spend. If you doubt the level of talent at Los Angeles, think of this; Brandon Ingram, a top three pick, is on the bench without any injuries.
The 2018 dilemma
Two assets came in as free agents and are clogging up the sea of talent at the Lakers. They are immensely talented but must be let go for the team to configure well. By keeping both Luol Deng and Timofey Mozgov, Ingrid and Clarkson end up misplaced. Ingrid and Clarkson cannot be on the bench. However, Mozgov coordinates impressively with the defense to relieve Randle of performance demands. Trading off Deng, therefore, makes fiscal sense and presents strategic advantage by equalizing the team regarding functionality and chemistry.
The Veteran Path
The Mozgov move presents the Lakers with not only a better-configured team but also more money to afford two big shots coming in as free agents. It’s like having two beds for one person. Then, you chose to dispose of your bed to help you afford to buy a couch. The free agent possibilities may include
• Kevin Durant
The Golden State Warriors are torn between keeping him and Stephen Curry. He will automatically be the cheaper option to lose as his contract is expiring. If the Lakers show signs of improving in any way, they become his favorite option.
• Blake Griffin
• Rudy Gobert
• Victor Olapido
There are many other great basketball players with veteran status. The great thing about the veteran path is that the team is spoilt for choice. The interesting game plan also does not affect the status of the Lakers young players or their draft and lottery picks.
Young Blood
If the young coach could also be genius enough also to trade off Deng and allow his four young players to lead his wave of victories, he could just afford to:
• Either keep Kobe despite his condition
• Or trade for another veteran
Promising possibilities
1. Possible top 5 pick
2. Potential Durant and Gobert free-agent signings

Was the Steve Nash Trade the Worst in Lakers History

Steve Nash, without a doubt, has had one of the greatest careers in the NBA .Yet he will go down in records as one of the most decorated basketball veterans and has earned himself a spot in the NBA hall of fame. However, his great 19-year-old career has ended controversially leaving the whole sporting world in debates as to whether the transfer deal that saw him finalize his career at Lakers as one of the worst decisions the team management ever made in their entire history. A pity that such discussions can be made about an icon who has won NBA’s Most Valuable Player Award twice. Let’s examine his career and circumstances that led to his move to the Lakers.

Steve Nash was on top of his game during the 2011-2012 season. He was also one of the most sought after players having have accomplished eight All-Star games and being named first-team All-NBA three times. The Lakers made a deal with his team the Phoenix Suns. It was a move meant to assist the Lakers to sustain their title contention. They broke a sweat by offering the two-time MVP a three-year deal worth 28 million dollars and had Kobe Bryant convince Nash into signing the deal. So what did the Lakers get for their investment?
Nash made a mere 65 on court appearances during the three years. The Lakers never won a single playoff series as well. They simply had the worst season ever losing their first playoff game. The game happened to be their first appearance featuring their newest and most valuable player, Nash.

Worse post-Nash Deal implications

The Nash signing meant that the Lakers had to forego four draft picks.
The first round pick was used by the Phoenix to get Nemanja Nedovic from Serbia. It was the number 30 overall pick, but the kid earned this team the rights to acquire Malcolm Lee. Lee flourished immensely, and he was used in a trade deal that earned the Phoenix the number 18 overall pick. Guess who the pick slot was used in 2014 to acquire?
The second round pick was ingeniously utilized by the Phoenix Suns to acquire Alex Oriakhi. This player performed better than he was projected and his number 57 overall pick rights translated into a deal for Isaiah Thomas. The improvement brought the Suns a deal with the Celtics a future first-round pick from the Cavaliers. Teal involved three big teams.
The 2014 second round number 36 overall pick was significantly a painful consequence of the Nash deal considering that it did not pay off. The Suns used this pick in a tricky 3-team negotiation to score a potentially promising first round pick. The Phoenix Suns used the pick from the Minnesota Timberwolves to negotiate a deal for Brandan Wright who was playing for the Celtics.
The last draft pick that the Phoenix Suns got from the Nash trade off was the 2015 first round pick. They shrewdly used this pick to negotiate deals for Kendall Marshall and Brandon Knight.
All these picks could have been used by the Lakers to negotiate deals to get much better players than how the witty Suns used them. Instead, the management used up tons of money and four valuable draft picks to get an aged basketball player who couldn’t keep up with injuries that kept him off the court for most of his last two seasons.
On the brighter side, the Lakers were compensated close to half of the 28 million dollars they used to pay Nash.
So,was the Steve Nash trade the worst in Lakers’ history? What do you think?

Greatest Lakers of All-Time

The Los Angeles Lakers are a team that has gone out of their way to make a name for themselves in the NBA. There have been a large number of players that have put on a Lakers uniform and have went on to be great. The list can go on for miles, but there needs to be just a few names that are mentioned that have made the Lakers great. These names will be etched forever in the history of the Lakers. 

Jerry West
This look at great Lakers starts with a man that many this generation would not recognize and that is Jerry West. In his time with the Lakers, West scored all of his 25,192 points with the team. He was drafted to the Lakers and did not leave the team until he retired. He helped to take the Lakers to nine NBA finals and while the Lakers hit a little roadblock called Boston, they still managed to win an NBA title. As a GM ,West continued to make moves that benefited the Lakers. He was key in helping to build the 80’s team that was so dominant. He also traded for Kobe Bryant and signed Shaq to the team.

Kobe Bryant
Speaking of Kobe Bryant, this is a man that will one day see his jersey retired along with the other greats that played for the Lakers. Kobe has done almost everything that you can do in the NBA. During his time with the team, he scored five championship titles, two scoring titles, Two NBA finals MVP awards and one NBA MVP award. With all these accolades, it is a wonder that he had time off the court to make a large impact in the community through a number of projects that he was a part of. Kobe Bryant is a name that will go down in history as one of the best Lakers to ever play the game.

Magic Johnson
There are names that when you hear them you automatically think greatness. Magic Johnson is one of those names that simply is great all because he knows how to be a team player. Having won five titles, a three time MVP of the NBA and a three time NBA Finals MVP, Johnson had a lot to smile about. It was his performance on the court that helped to create one of the most storied rivalries in all of the NBA. This set up the famous Johnson Bird rivalry. This would be something that would see the numbers to Lakers game increase and made for some of the best NBA finals history in a long time. While he was forced to retire due to health issues, Magic Johnson cemented a place in NBA history.

Shaquille O’Neal
The Larger than life player was just that and created for some of the best NBA action of all time. His real worth was never in the regular season as he seemed to really excel in the NBA finals as he made his move there and showed that he was not to be messed with. The big man took home three MVP awards and had it not been for the larger than life drama that seemed to plague him in his later years in LA, he would have went on to be a bigger go to player for the Lakers. Egos go in the way and as a result, Shaq left the team and was not at the same level afterwards.

These are a few of the players that really made an impact in the world of the L.A Lakers. They will go down in history as being some of the best of the best. And while there are others that some will argue deserved to be on this list, that debate is for another day.

Best LA Lakers Coaches of All-Time

The LA Lakers have quite a long and interesting history as far as coaches are concerned. Many say that the success of the team depends heavily on a coaches ability to help a team stay organized and build a successful winning record.

Within 67 seasons the LA Lakers have had a total of 25 coaches. Out of the 25 LA Laker coaches 5 of them have won NBA titles. For example, John Kundla was a coach in the early days of the Lakers. John Kundla was acting coach from 1948-49 and then 1956-57.

Kundla successfully received 5 Championships during his tenure with the LA Lakers. He seemed to have a unique quality and ability to lead his team into a number of winning streaks. The 5 NBA titles that Kundla earned will certainly go down in LA Laker history.

John Castellani was acting coach for the Lakers throughout the 1959-60 season. Castellani had a reputation for instilling great team spirit within his players and helped players gain confidence in their ability to win through various practice sessions and good old team spirit.

Sharman was a talented basketball player as well as coach. Bill Sharman coached the LA Lakers from 1962-1970. Sharman was named “Hall of Fame” basketball player as well as coach. Sharman had over 30 consecutive wins while with the Lakers and he is still recognized today as being one of the best and most talented players and coaches in Laker history.

Sharman was elected to the “Naismith Memorial Baskeyball Hall of Fame” as a player in 1976. In addition, Sharman was an acting coach once again in 2004. Bill Sharman was named one of the best players of the NBA’s first 50 years. This talented coach lost his life to a massive stroke in 2013. This coach will best be remembered for leading the team NBA Championship in 1972.

Jerry West was a former LA Lakers player who eventually went on to become the teams head coach as well as general manager. West was ableto reach the NBA finals a total of nine times. In addition, Jerry West was the only coach to lead the Lakers to 3 consecutive victories 3 years in a row. His point guard and shooting guard abilities served West quite well as coach.

Pat Riley made a name for himself throughout the 1980‘s. Riley through his coaching efforts led the Lakers to 4 consecutive championships throughout a 5 year period in the mid 1980‘s.

Del Harris coached the LA Lakers for 5 seasons. Some of the Lakers best successes took place between 1994-1999. Die to the efforts of Del Harris each year one of their LA Lakers successfully went into the play-offs.

*Jackson: Possibly One of the greatest of all time:

Lakers coach Phil Jackson helped bring the Lakers to an astounding win in the 2000 Championship by beating the Indiana Pacers. In addition, Jackson also led the Lakers to two additional and well deserved titles in 2001 and 2002. The 2002 victory over the Philadelphia 76 ers was one of Jacksons greatest coaching successes.

Phil Jackson has an exceptional drive to succeed and brought great team spirit to all of his players. However after a successful playing and coaching career Jackson was forced to retire due to various injuries. In June 2004 an announcement was made that Phil Jackson would be leaving his position as the Lakers Head coach. Aside from injuries it seemed that Jckson was having issues with salary disputes.

There have been so many great players as well as coaches since the LA Lakers began to play back in the 1940’s. Many of the exceptional coaches will always be remembered for the skill, technique and ability to bring the team to a series of successful victories.